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Talking Dirty! Things you should Know!

Know your Boundaries

Before diving in deep with talking dirty with a woman, you must know where you stand with one another. Otherwise you stand losing your chance of getting her! As always don’t rush into things. Think logically and be cool. After you know that your  girl likes you and you’ve been talking for a while or know her personality, you can start flirting more through text messages. Which will eventually lead to the opportunity for you, talking dirty. As with any new found relationship you must know your boundaries. Test them here and there before you go all in. Whatever you do, you don’t want to cross the line.  Don’t be boring or say something stupid. You can start off light with sayings such as, what are you wearing? or talk about cuddling. Move slowly, there’s no rush.

Testing waters

Try to bring up words or phrases that will arouse her, her things that she can start to fantasize about. Be fun and playful and flirtatious. Play it like a game. You can slowing bring up your fantasies, or “what ifs” questions. Find out what she likes and play on it. Be mindful and listen to ques so you don’t go overboard and lose your chance with her. Tell he what you like about her, her sexy legs, her deep riveting eyes, her curvy body! Think of what’ll you’ll do to her, and see how she’ll respond. As you guys get more and more into it, language will become more vulgar. This is the time where all boundaries can be broken, and it can become one of the most exciting sexual experiences you can encounter.

Here are examples of dirty talk you can use:

Flirtgirl2 Talking Dirty! Things you should Know!


  1. I’m your slave, do whatever you want to me!
  2. Use me as your toy
  3. You can have me any way you want
  4. I like it fast, and hard. Harder!
  5. Ride me like a cowboy babe
  6. Don’t stop till you come
  7. You like it deep don’t you? all the way inside you.
  8. I’ll fill you up with my come.
  9. Let me have that tight sexy body of yours.
  10. You drive me crazy, keep riding that cock. etc..

The possibilities are endless, be creative, there are no rules. For more dirty talk, click here. As you might have already learned. Men and women get aroused differently, therefore you must change your approach when thinking about turning them on. Be descriptive and imaginative. Be creative, use different tone of voice, whisper, change the pace or set the mood. Lead her on and play on her ideas. Before you know it, you’ll have her in your bed!

How to tell if a girl likes you!

So how can you tell if a girl really likes you? Many men today are oblivious to the social signals women give off on a daily basis. Sometimes a woman’s generosity or kindness can be mistakenly taken off as a flirtatious gesture or even more. Vice-versa with men. Is there a hidden language between us?  Can our interpretations of emotions really give us a hint to another’s feelings? Misinterpretations happen every day, and the ability to accurately identify a situation and be aware of what someone’s vibe really is can really help you understand how they feel about you.

Flirting Girl How to tell if a girl likes you!

Don’t automatically assume someone likes you just because they are nice to you. There is more behind the human psych than one may think. Women and Men think very differently, it is in our biology as we were made different, which can even be seen in our physiology.

So here are some guidelines you should follow to prevent you from future embarrassments:

  1. If a girl doesn’t give you her number even after you ask her, she’s not interested
  • Leave her alone! Women don’t like to be pestered even after giving an obvious signal that she’s not interested. Some men just don’t get it

2.If she doesn’t text you back, or constantly taking hours to reply, it’s a sign!

  • You’re obviously not her top priority on her list of things at the moment. Just think about it. If you really like someone, or are thinking of them, you’ll go out of your way to reply back or show some signs you are interested right?

3.Lastly be aware of social interactions, not just what is said, but look at the way they move around you, the way they talk to you, gestures such as a smile, laugh etc… Its easy to tell if someone is interested.

So if you don’t run into those problems listed above, then you’re somewhat in the clear.  So some sign that you can look for if she likes you are

  1. If she constantly laughing around you
  2. She touches you or gets really close to you
  3. She gives you her number without you asking
  4. She texts you first or a lot
  5. She smiles at a lot at you

So lets say you’ve won the first part of the battle and she likes you already. Your job now is not to lose her. This is where many fail. Men become needy or overly excited at times. You should watch the video in the post what you shouldn’t do to learn more. You know what a woman can do to a man. They can bring him to his knees. Be smart about it. Don’t be boring and text back like every other man before you has done. Be creative, innovative, funny, and smart. There is a lot of advice out there, be sure to read up on trending social signals and read up on the latest trends at